When we see gold in cosmetics we have an immediate feeling of luxury and well-being, which leads us to see the cosmetic in question in a whole new light. What really are the uses and properties of this ingredient, used since ancient times in theskincare routines of queens and empresses? Keep reading to find out.

Skincare and history: the uses of gold in cosmetics in the past

As with many beauty treatments, the benefits of gold were discovered by the ancient Egyptians. They had identified its purifying properties and for this reason queen Cleopatraused to make a face mask with pure gold before sleeping. In China, on the other hand, anti-aging properties and the ability to reduce signs of fatigue have been identified, which is why Empress Cinxi used a gold roller to massage her face and reduce facial signs.

24K gold: all the beneficial properties for the skin

The properties just seen are just some of those that, even today, are appreciated in cosmetics.

The 24k goldhas, as we have seen, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and purifying properties, perfect as an active in the skincare of combination andoily skin. It is a perfect ingredient to fight the signs of aging: rich in antioxidants, it stimulates cell turnover and the production of collagen and elastin. Thanks to gold’s ability to reflect light, it gives a luminous complexion to the facein no time after application.

24k gold: where to find it in cosmetics

An ingredient with as many properties as gold is found in several cosmetics. Of all the face masks, loved both as an express treatment in the most fashionable beauty centers and as a home treatment in fabric or cream masks, because you can immediately aprezzare the visible effects of the product. It can be found in the eye contours, along with tools for their application always in gold, to better convey the product.

Also very frequent in facial creams with anti-aging properties, both with visible and non-visible microparticles. Finally you can find it in facial oils, in which the microparticles will be visible and give not only a special light to the product inside the pack, but also to your face in just a few seconds. Try it for yourself!


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