Giuliana Marigliano and her illustrations: that’s who is the winner of Mia Cosmetics’ Open Call for the next Christmas collection!

“The beauty of illustration is not in aesthetics, but in its communicative capacity.”

Giuliana Marigliano

This is the phrase that inspired Giuliana Marigliano, winner of the Open Call “Artful women for skin” launched by Mia Cosmetics in collaboration with Show Desk. The Neapolitan illustrator has created, from stroke to color, her personal interpretation of Christmas, condensed into drawings that will be the protagonists of the next Mia Cosmetics Christmas collection.

Giuliana Marigliano, winner of the call “Artful women fot skin”.

But let’s get to know Giuliana Marigliano and her passion for the world of illustration. Giuliana was born in Naples and was attracted to the creative world of art from a young age, thanks to her father, a painter and restorer. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera (Milan) she moved to the small island of Gran Canaria and here she dedicated herself completely to her passion, deepening the personal research of her artistic universe.

When she answered the Call of Mia Cosmetics, Giuliana collaborated with some young publishing houses and divided her time between Spain and Italy. The deep intention, the single purpose of each of her works is the focus on the message, that concept that remains, beyond any passing fashion, enriching the collective imagination. For Giuliana, illustration is not a simple drawing, but much more. It is a type of communication that must not only excite, but convey a message. Giuliana has decided to use images to tell her own vision of the world, fantastic and grotesque. What does she prefer to draw? Couples, stories of men and women pining for love, caught and lost in their intertwined lives.

The words of Giuliana, illustrator for passion

From her words we can perceive the strong passion that drove Giuliana Marigliano to answer the call of Mia Cosmetis: “All my personal research is based on the “pleasure of telling stories” and for this call of MIA Cosmetics launched by Show Desk it could not be otherwise.”

In her illustrations Giuliana tried to encapsulate all the Christmas magic: “I closed my eyes and thought about Christmas. The first images that came to my mind were the days at home with the family, noisy lunches and dinners, relatives as funny characters moving around with packages and food in a folkloric way. A real circus.”

And the circus will become, therefore, the protagonist of the Christmas collection signed by Mia Cosmetics: “My first palette was therefore an invitation to enter this house-circus: the acrobats set a table and a dad with a mustache tries a balancing act with many gift packages, even the kitten jumps in the garland as if it were a lion.”

Giuliana enthusiastically continues to tell us about the illustrated journey through her Christmas, made of family and colors: “Each successive palette becomes a sequence of a storyboard, a storyboard that tells of days in celebration. In the second palette for example, the red carpet becomes a warm scarf that embraces a group of friends, outside it’s snowing but you can feel so much warmth; not only for the chromatic tones but for the happiness that each character spreads.”

Illustrations designed by a woman for women, which Mia Cosmetics knows well, committing every day to enhance every aspect of femininity to perfection: “There are also many hugs represented, group ones, those between friends (to emphasize the importance of collaboration between women) and those concealed.”

Giuliana’s intent emerges from every single stroke of the winning illustrations: “In fact, I was clear that it was important for me to try to communicate a feeling, an emotion without falling into the stereotypes and trivialization of Christmas icons. If there is something that the word Christmas means to me, it is family, it is affection, it is poetry and I hope I managed to express it in the best possible way.”

While waiting to admire the illustrations of the new Christmas collection of Mia Cosmetics and unwrap with wonder the make-up and cosmetic products designed especially for you, there are many compliments to Giuliana Marigliano, illustrator of a colorful Christmas in the family.

To learn more, here are his contact information:

Instagram: Giuliana_Marigliano

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