This product was born as a moisturizing cream with a very light texture with the addition of a small pigmented part. The BB cream evens out the complexion, but in a very natural way: it is, in fact, the evolved version of the colored cream and is proposed as an alternative to foundation in the beauty routine. The B B’s should be spread, taking care to blend the product well starting from the hairline, without neglecting the neck, as you would do with a foundation avoiding streaks or stains of color, with a cat’s tongue brush or a blender. BB cream can’t not be inside your beauty bag, just read the various BB cream reviews on various blogs and comments from beauty bloggers and makeup artists.

BB cream is a “perfecting” cream that makes the complexion of the face even and minimizes small imperfections.

The origins of BB facial cream date back to the 60s when, in Germany, there was a need for a cosmetic product that had protective, soothing and above all regenerating properties after aesthetic medicine treatments, camouflaging any scars and redness of the skin. A few years ago, then, from Korea to Japan, from the United States to Europe, BB creams had a great success because of the great demand for a cosmetic perfectionist. In Europe, the BB cream formula, which later became Beauty Cream, has evolved and has also been used for the body and legs.


What exactly are BB creams and how do they work?

Blemish Balm, a balm for imperfections, is a cosmetic product for the base of the face that usually combines a treatment with makeup such as a nourishing cream and a foundation. B B creams, due to their nature of simplifying and speeding up the daily make-up preparation gestures of the skin, and for the pigments that are activated on contact with the skin, have the innate ability to adapt to the skin tone by smoothing it, help to cover small defects such as spots and pimples, illuminate the complexion.

What are the main ingredients of the best BB Cream?

As we have said, the B B also the BB covering cream, acronym of blemish cream (balm for imperfections), is a hybrid cosmetic product that can absolutely not replace the normal cosmetics that you use during the day but, performs several functions by helping the “normal cosmetics” and the “traditional makeup” to work better and more effectively. The best BB Cream are usually made up of a moisturizing base and have small pigmented microspheres inside, in different quantities depending on the need of the formulator to make the product more or less opaque, which dissolve at the time of application by coloring the cream. Collagen or hyaluronic acid as an anti-ageing agent, sun filters to protect against harmful sun rays, vitamin C as an antioxidant are just some of the substances that can be added to a BB to make it functional.

Replace the foundation with a BB cream? ?

The best BB cream will never provide 100% skin coverage and therefore will not cover obvious skin imperfections such as dyschromia or pimples. The main feature of the BB is to provide a light coverage, which does not cover the skin ensuring a nude effect makeup, popping the skin tone making it bright and never shiny. The small imperfections, expression lines and pimples are erased and any different tones are always unified in a concept of naturalness. The blemish cream can also become a perfect base before applying the foundation, increasing its duration and avoiding that the foundation marks wrinkles when it enters the folds. For this reason, BB cream is ideal for younger skin, but also for those who want a nude skin effect, while wanting to perfect their complexion.


How to choose the most suitable color?Finding the right coloring of B B cream may not be an easy mission. Keep in mind that the purpose of B B cream is not to cover, but to standardize. The same shade can be good for more skin tones, as the complexion color is kept as the main one. The best BB creams can also be used in both winter and summer. if you are having difficulty finding the right color with your tan you can also mix 2 different colors before applying them to your face. There are also BB to fight various skin problems, usually sold in pharmacies, such as, for example, particularly sensitive skin, allergies and skin diseases but also BB cream that help to combat the signs of aging, BB cream anti-aging, or to regulate the production of excess sebum, BB cream mixed skin.

How to remove the BB cream?

Even if BB is not felt on the face because of that “naked skin” effect, even when you apply BB cream you have to remove make-up every night. Surely, using make-up remover such as micellar water, cleansing gel,cleansing milk and tonic, removing a BB, thanks to its lightness, is much easier and faster than removing a foundation. BB creams help you to have a smooth and silky looking skin without imperfections, but you must always respect the right beauty routine to have a perfectly moisturized, nourished and perfectly cleansed skin in the evening, before going to bed.

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What is not a BB Cream?BB cream opinions from makeup artists and industry experts are absolutely positive but you have to be clear about what BB is and what it isn’t. Even if it contains UVA and UVB protection we should never use a BB as sunscreen at the sea or in the mountains because the protective factors are useful for protection in the city but not on the boat or on the beach. BBs do not cover and do not color the skin so the effect will always be very light and natural. BB is not a cosmetic treatment. Although it may contain active ingredients inside, we cannot replace our beloved anti-aging cream, hyaluronic acid treatment or face serum to fight free radicals with a BB, beauty treatments and BBs can coexist without any problem. BBs are not a foundation. As we have already said, the low coverage does not allow you to color your skin so you can not replace even the best BB cream with a foundation.

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