Every personality has its own eye palette, every color season has its own circle of friendly colors and every look has an ideal set of eyeshadows.

The Mia Makeup eye palette collection is enriched with 3 new references to expand the range of those already in the range and embrace every makeup need, from evening looks with the most intense, vibrant and bright colors, to the soft and opaque daytime ones.

To each his own GLAM Eyeshadow palette!

This product was born as a moisturizing cream with a very light texture with the addition of a small pigmented part. The BB cream evens out the complexion, but in a very natural way: it is, in fact, the evolved version of the colored cream and is proposed as an alternative to foundation in the beauty routine. The B B’s should be spread, taking care to blend the product well starting from the hairline, without neglecting the neck, as you would do with a foundation avoiding streaks or stains of color, with a cat’s tongue brush or a blender. BB cream can’t not be inside your beauty bag, just read the various BB cream reviews on various blogs and comments from beauty bloggers and makeup artists.

Where does Halloween come from?

“All Hallows Eve”, which is the night of All Saints’ Day, celebrated on October 31 of each year from which the word Halloween is thought to derive. History has it that it all comes from a Catholic tradition, present in Celtic Ireland, which sanctioned the end of summer when people, who lived mainly from agriculture, celebrated to thank the spirits of the harvests obtained. The colors were reminiscent of the harvest: orange reminiscent of the colors of late summer, black to symbolize the darkness of winter.

Other hypotheses and curiosities are on the scariest holiday of the year that has ancient roots that have evolved to around 1800 when Irish and Scottish immigrants brought their Halloween traditions to North America. But since then everything has evolved: the religious festivals related to All Saints and the Day of the Dead have become less and less important, to give way to celebrations emptied of their religious significance and more inclined towards fun. In the United States of America and Canada, but now also in Europe, it is a widespread tradition among children and not only, to leave home disguised and ask for sweets from neighbors with the famous formula “trick-or-treat”. Woe to those who are unprepared!

Nothing more fun than getting ready for a Halloween fancy dress party: witches, zombies, demons and vampires are on their way. Here are all the tips for bewitched tricks!

Eyeshadow palette, pencils, eyeliner, ultra tech mascara, all the right products to enhance the look

Correct eye make-up is every woman’s desire, to open her eyes, to enhance her features, her tones, from natural make-up to smokey eyes. A perfect eye makeup highlights the depth of the look, the intensity of the eye colour and the natural beauty of the face. If you want to make impeccable eye make-up you don’t have to miss out on these little secrets and the right products, even if you don’t have any experience, you will make an enviable eye make-up.

You will surely be asked for the tool of therejuvenation of the look e come and rejuvenate the face without the use of the scalpel but applying the right makeup techniques.

MIA Makeup artists have created this quick tutorial on different techniques of eye makeup to avoid weighing down the face with a makeup suitable for a skin that is no longer young. Let’s face this age-old problem step by step.

Rejuvenation of the gaze begins with the define eyebrows , basic step for look up and make it in harmony with the rest of the face. With the help of one eyebrow pencil or an indelible marker (which we suggest to use only when the right dexterity is found and theshape of the eyebrowsmore appropriate for your face) all the holes must be filled first and then the ciliary arch outlined. To correct the drooping eyelid the side of the nose must be taken as a reference and virtual lines must be drawn to define the beginning of the eyebrow (nose, inner corner of the eye), the peak of the eyebrow (nose, center of the pupil), the end of the eyebrow (nose, outside of the ‘eye).

How to apply the foundation without giving the impression of having a double layer of skin? Here are practical tips for an extremely natural makeup base!

It all starts here, from the preparation of the foundation. To create a perfect make-up you need to choose the right product and apply it correctly. Why? Well, a badly applied foundation can ruin all the makeup and does not help us hide the imperfections, but highlights them.

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