Have you ever wondered what are the best eye makeup palettes and how many times have you bought one and then abandoned it in the drawer of the makeup collection because it is not suitable for you?

But how do we choose the ideal eyeshadow palette? The main rule is: one palette, many different looks!

And especially if you’re not a “collector” but you’re just looking for products that are actually versatile and that you would use every day, your eye palette of a lifetime should definitely have a deep black eyeshadow, transitional shades, light shades to brighten and a range of colors that allow you to vary your looks every day.

The eyeshadow palette GLAM Attractive reflects all these prerogatives: 9 colors between shimmer and matte to create real star looks; a range of colors that allows you to create makeup from the softest, to show off during the day, to those more special that you can structure for an evening with friends or for a special event.

The earthy colors are the beating heart of the Attractive Palette and allow you to create wonderful corrective makeup! A veil of bronze is enough to make the whole look extremely bright and can be adapted for a cocktail party with friends. If, on the other hand, you want to show off a super intense look for a night at the disco, all you have to do is highlight your eyes with a perfectsmokey eyeand light up the inner corner of the eye to catch the eyes of everyone around you.

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And now let yourself be inspired by the looks created by make-up artist Paolo Nicolai using the AttractivePalette and try to reproduce them too!

Intense makeup for brown/dark eyes

Follow the steps and products used by the make up artist for a penetrating, sexy and long lasting eye look, to show off during a special occasion or a party.

  • To define the eyelid crease, blend in warm brown and intensify with darker brown to give greater depth. Cream is the perfect ally for highlighting the brow bone.
  • The mobile eyelid lights up with shimmer pink and in the inner corner of the eye a hint of champagne makes the eye much brighter. To finish, intensify the outer corner with black eyeshadow.
  • For the lower rima the steps are less: inside the eye use the Always Ready Eyeliner waterproof pencil for a darker look that will last all day without smudging.
  • Take the warm brown and darken with a hint of dark brown and use black again to join the outer corner.
  • The final touch for a magical and piercing eye make-up is given by false eyelashes Fiji and a coat of Starlet mascara to match your natural lashes!

Voluminous and nude glossy effect lips

With such intense eye makeup, we can’t help but light up the lips with a nude highlighted with a reflective lip gloss, to make even the thinnest lips look voluminous!

Bright eye makeup for the holidays

If you’re in the mood for a bright eye look that will make you shine during the day, this is the one for you!
  • Define the crease of the eyelid with warm brown and accentuate it with darker brown towards the outer corner.
  • On the entire mobile eyelid, the champagne color gives brightness to the look.
  • For the lower eyelid, simply apply warm brown and darker brown to define and join the lower and upper eyelids.
  • A brown pencil will help to define the eyes without weighing them down.
  • Hawaii/Savana false eyelashes to lengthen the eye and get a sweet-eyed look

Red lips: a must-have for all evening looks

With eye make-up this bright, especially for special occasions such as a party, Christmas or drinks with friends, red lipstick is the ultimate lip color. Moisturise lips with a lip balm, outline with a matching pencil with a perfectly sharpened tip and apply your favourite red from the GLAM Flow collection. If you’re a liquid lipstick lover then you won’t be able to resist the DressMe formula!

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