Eye patches are more than just a treatment: when used on an ongoing basis, they can be helpful in combating dark circles, puffiness and frown lines. Let’s find out how apply them and what are the right products to choose for each blemish.

Eye patches: how to apply them according to their properties

Eye patches are fabric or hydrogel masks shaped to be applied to the eye area. They have different properties: they can be brightening, decongesting, moisturizing and can provide a lifting effect and smooth out expression lines. How many times have we looked at our eye patches, used them with confidence but later looked at a story on instagram and thought we had misapplied the product? There is no universally correct way to apply eye patches, but it depends on the blemish we want to treat and its intensity:

  • If we want to attenuate dark circles and bags through the use of illuminating and decongestant eye patches, we will apply the largest part in the main area of the eye, to allow the product to act on the entire area in the most optimal way possible
  • if we want to attenuate the expression wrinklesat the corners of the eye, we will apply the larger part in the final area of the eye, where the wrinkles are present, and the smaller part at the beginning of the eye

Eye patches can be applied to smooth out other expression lines on the face, such as wrinkles that go into the corners of the mouth as we smile. In this case, the patches should be applied vertically over the entire area.

Eye patches to mitigate puffiness: how to choose them

Bags are localized swellings in the area around the eyes, which cannot always be removed through the use of cosmetics, but can be attenuated by the use of specific products, such as eye patches. You should prefer eye patches for treating puffiness are those made of hydrogel, which bring immediate freshness to the area and help reduce swelling in the area. A tip to maximize the fresh effect: put the eye patches in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying them, you’ll see results immediately!

The active ingredients effective in attenuating bags are green tea, caffeine and ginseng and all those draining, decongesting and stimulating microcirculation ingredients.

Eye patches to remove dark circles: how to choose them

Eye patches are great allies in smoothing out dark circles and should be applied consistently alongside the use of the right eye cream.

Prefer hydrogelpatches that have a refreshing action and immediately help to decongest the area; look for them with brightening actives, such as snail slime, and actives that stimulate microcirculation such as ginseng and caffeine.

Eye patches to smooth out wrinkles: how to choose them

How we are annoyed by frown lines, the many hated “crow’s feet”! To relax and refresh the eyes, the eye patches come to our rescue. Lightweight, product-soaked fabric eye patches are perfect. They should be researched with anti-aging actives designed to stretch the area such as hyaluronic acid and peptides: both actives moisturize, plump and stretch the area in just a few minutes of application!


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