The eye primer is the secret to make up your eyes perfectly. Find out how to use this make up product to get the best result!

Eye makeupis a fundamental component of perfect makeup. The look is one of the first weapons of seduction, a way to convey one’s femininity and convey emotions to those who are looking at us. Today we will learn how to make up the eyes starting from the base, going to discover the secrets of a product used for the eye area, a product capable of making the final effect of the makeup more lasting and perfect. We are talking about the eye primer, a cosmetic capable of transforming the look giving it greater brightness and greater charm.

The eye area is one of the most delicate and sensitive areas of the face. At this point the skin is particularly thin and is often subject to numerous aggressions.

It is therefore important to choose a product that does not damage the face and that helps us create an impeccable make-up.

Be careful not to confuse the eye primer with the face primer. The eye product is more specific and is ideal for improving the hold of the eye products and the intensity of the color. There are different types of eye primers, the compact one, the solid one, the transparent primer, the covering primer, the primer with the driest texture for oily skin, or the most moisturizing one for dry skin. How to choose the one that best suits you? Let’s find out together!

How the eye primer works

A secret that make-up artists have kept for a long time: what is the eye primer for? Quickly said: this cosmetichides dark circles under the eyes, the various imperfections and the annoying crow’s feet. Just like a concealer, immediately after using it, your face will take on a decidedly pleasant appearance.

Its main function is to make the eyeshadows adhere to the eyelid, promoting its application and fixing. The eye primer makes your eyeshadow last longer, even up to a full day without smudging.

A high quality eye primer, like those of Mia Cosmetics, have a very light texture, managing to combine the smoothing action with the moisturizing one. They fix the colors of the eyeshadow well, keeping their intensity.

The eye primers work like real beauty treatments, capable of illuminating tired skin, giving an anti-aging effect to more mature skin.

How to choose the eye primer

Let’s orient ourselves in the varied world of eye primers.

The stick eye primers have a hard consistency and must be applied delicately because they create too much thickness on the skin and tend to form cracks, once dry.

The compact primers resemble the classic foundation, while the cream primers can be applied both with the hands and with a brush, give a more uniform effect, are suitable for any type of skin and are also recommended for those who use them for the first time.

To hide dark circles or particularly showy veins on the eyelid, it is better to buy a covering eye primer, slightly colored.

Let’s not forget to check the ingredients (INCI NAME). The primers with silicones are applied very easily, they go to fill wrinkles and folds of the skin, give greater intensity to the color and prolong the duration of the make up, forming an almost impenetrable shielding. However, these products are not particularly good for the skin, since they prevent the correct breathing of the skin, and should only be applied on special occasions.

Choosing Mia Cosmetics eye primers means choosing products free of silicones, parabens, phthalates and other substances that could cause allergies or problems for sensitive skin and more delicate eyes. Natural and organic ingredients that do not stress the skin in any way.

Among the active ingredients of an eye primer there are natural substances that activate microcirculation and promote the anti-dark circles effect. Chamomile extract, for example, deflates the eyes particularly affected by daily stress. Olive oil is emollient, while pomegranate extract is a powerful antioxidant that elasticizes the skin, preventing aging. Apricot oil is nourishing and regenerating, while avocado oil deeply nourishes the skin. Therefore, keep an eye on the INCI label, International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredient, which lists the ingredients present in a cosmetic product.

For those who are not afraid to dare, there are colored eye primers that perfectly hide any blemishes on the eyelid without the need to add further bad ups.

To choose the perfect shade of eye primer, the advice is as follows: orient yourself for a lighter shade than the natural color of the skin.

How to apply the eye primer

With perfectly clean hands, dose the right amount of primer. A small drop is enough, to be tapped with the fingertip on the mobile eyelid, after the cream, foundation, concealer and face powder have perfectly dried. For a better effect, the primer must also be applied in the tear area and in the lower part of the eye.

This procedure should be carried out only after the moisturizer, foundation and face powder are perfectly dried. If you use a powder base, avoid the eye area: the mix with the eye primer could cause annoying lumps. With light movements proceed to spread the primer on the eyelid.

When you have particularly dry skin, the primer can excessively dehydrate the area around the eyes. How to make up for it? Always use a cream eye area first and let it absorb.

In the case of oily skin, when excess sebum is produced between the folds of the eye, a primer is needed that keeps the make-up intact for hours.

In summary: when do you use the eye primer?

  • -To uniform the color of the eyelid, especially when using light eyeshadows;
  • -To make the eyelid less oily so that the applied products do not end up in the folds;
  • -To create a base that makes the eyeshadow adhere better to make it last longer.

Ready to conquer everyone at first glance? Apply the right eye primer and have fun blending eyeshadows for an original and unique make up!

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