For perfect makeup, mascara is essential. But how can we apply it quickly and effectively to have perfect lashes?

“Inner beauty is magnificent, but a touch of mascara never fails.” (Anonymous)

An indispensable product! You can do without eye shadow, lipstick and when it is particularly hot even foundation, but you can never do without mascara! There are an infinite number of different types of mascara, to which different formulas are constantly added, with different applicators.

Volumizing, stretching, “refreshing” or even coloured. Mia Make Up Mascara is suitable for the most diverse needs. Everyone chooses the best ally to make up their lashes, according to their tastes and needs. But everyone is faced with the usual dilemma: how best to apply mascara?

Apply mascara to perfection: the steps to correct make-up

The difference between a dream look and a simple make up is the way you apply mascara. Let’s see together the winning steps and the tricks to literally have super lashes!


With the help of an eyelash comb with hard bristles, we remove any lumps that form between the lashes due to unremoved make-up residues, or due to excessive secretion production from the eyes during the night.


We are talking about that strange metal contraption that resembles a pliers and that, instead of turning out to be an instrument of torture, is a very valid ally for an irresistible look. If your eyelashes are naturally little curved, you can’t really do without them.

After combing your eyelashes and before applying mascara, place it gently on the lash line, taking care to take them all in and gently squeeze for about 10 seconds. Repeat this operation 4-5 times per eye, moving further and further until you reach the tip of the lashes, for a super-defined result!


Before applying makeup, the lashes must be prepared and protected. It is ideal to use an eyelash primer: volumizing, lengthening, healing and protective. Simply take a small amount of product and spread it with horizontal upward movements along the entire length of the lashes.


If you think you’re not spreading your mascara well, it’s most likely because you’re not getting it right. An incorrect removal of the product risks creating a mash on the lashes with the only effect of drying our mascara more quickly.

How to remove mascara correctly?

We collect the right amount of product: to do this we extract the brush by rotating it laterally against the internal walls. We are very careful not to push the mascara brush in and out several times: this process only lets a lot of air into the container, drying the product.

If you have noticed that you have taken too much product, lightly discharge the applicator with the help of a handkerchief. Once you have accumulated the necessary amount you can move on to the next step!


We now come to the main step.

How to apply mascara?

Approach a mirror, look up and raise your upper eyelid slightly. At this point, bring the applicator closer to the lash line. Starting from the base, place the brush on it and move upwards. Repeat this movement a second time, lingering on the hairline, pushing the lashes up as if you wanted to lift them.

With many brushes it is particularly difficult to reach the lashes of the outer corner and those of the inner corner: in this case the advice is to bend the mascara to 90 degrees or at right angles.

To apply mascara to the lower lashes, help yourself with the tip of the brush, which is smaller and more easily directed vertically.

How to Put Mascara: Tips and Tricks

For an even more intense look, after applying black mascara to all the lashes and before waiting for the product to be completely dry, apply blue mascara twice only on the tip of the lashes (in the case of dark eyes) or burgundy-coloured (in the case of light eyes).

Some mascara formulas may create unsightly lumps. Don’t worry! Use a clean brush (you can simply wash an old one with neutral soap and water) and move it along the lashes, from the base to the tip, swirling it slightly. With this little trick, when the mascara is still wet, the lumps will be removed and the lashes will be well separated.

What not to do when applying mascara

Be careful not to create too many overlapping layers, which increase the probability that the mascara will dry out or form unsightly lumps.

Very important: do not share your mascara with anyone, as it is the only cosmetic that cannot be disinfected and through the eyes you can transmit and contract many infections!

And if, despite all the tricks, you end up staining yourself, the best friend of make-up mistakes, the cotton buddy, will save your life again! But we’ll talk about that next time!

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