Complexion color, hair color and eye color: find out how to perfectly match your lipstick color for a lip make-up that enhances you!

“Lipstick is the only element of make-up that has the ability to transform people. Not only how you see yourself, but also how you feel. Other make-up products correct, hide or improve, but lipstick is something you wear and you feel like you can conquer the world. ”


Choosing the right lipstick: a fundamental step for a perfect make up. But how to select the most suitable texture and color for us? First of all we must take into account the color of the complexion, then, in general, the colors that frame the face. There is more: the perfect lipstick must enhance our lips. Here are all the tips to choose the right lipstick for every occasion!

Choose the lipstick according to the complexion

What is the color of your skin? And the undertone? The tricks to find out!

1. The Skin Color

Light, medium or dark? To understand what color your skin is, look at it well in the sun, paying particular attention to the jaw area. The light skin tends to pale complexion, it is difficult to tan, it burns easily and has freckles and redness very often. The medium skin tans easily, without getting burned and turns towards golden, without relevant sensitivity. The dark skin, on the other hand, is colored even in the winter months, does not burn “almost” ever, and is accompanied by dark hair in most cases.

2. The undertone of the skin

Having identified the color of the complexion, we must now establish that of the lower layer of our skin. To find out, it is necessary to observe the color of the veins: in the case of blue or purple veins, the undertone is cold; if the veins are green, it is a warm undertone; when the veins are green / blue, the undertone is neutral.

By observing our skin in the sun, we will have more information: a skin that tans easily and becomes golden, will have a warm undertone; a skin that burns and turns red will instead have a cold undertone.

A final trick to identify the undertone of the skin is the combination with gold or silver jewels: gold goes best with skins with a warm undertone, silver stands out on those with a cold undertone.

3. The Shape of the Face

The shape of the face also comes into play when choosing the perfect lipstick.

Elongated face with pronounced chin: avoid too dark and cold colors, such as plum, purple, brown.

Round face: to give depth and sculpt the oval, prefer deeper colors such as dark reds or chromatic nuances reminiscent of berries.

4. For Each Complexion Your Lipstick

After passing the first rock, we now discover how to best combine lipsticks with the color of the complexion.

  • For fair skin, the most suitable lipsticks are those that change to shades of light pink and nude, but it is also possible to dare with peach and coral pink.
  • Light skin, cold undertone: deep brown lipstick or nude in shades of beige.
  • Light skin, warm undertone: pink or nude lipstick with peach tones.

  • For medium skin, opt for stronger shades of pink, such as mauve and burgundy.
  • Medium skin, cold undertone: you prefer the more decisive shades of pink, until it flows into plum purple and blue blue.
  • Medium skin, warm undertone: bronze, copper and brick lipsticks are welcome.

  • For dark skin, focus on dark lipsticks such as burgundy, burgundy, plum and brown.

  • Dark skin, cold undertone: burgundy or wine-colored lipsticks are recommended.
  • Dark skin, warm undertone: lipsticks in shades of brown, bronze and copper.
  • Dark skin, warm undertone: lipsticks in shades of brown, bronze and copper.

How to choose red lipstick

Then there is the age-old question of red lipstick. How to choose the perfect one?

Well, in this case too, skin color and predominant undertone count.

  • Light skin: avoid intense red, opt for discreet red, such as coral or a pink-toned lip make-up.
  • Medium skin tone: bright red lipstick or cherry colors.
  • Dark skin: this complexion color can afford the most intense red lipstick there is, the ruby color.


How to choose lipstick for bigger or thinner lips

Do you have thin lips and want to give your lip makeup a plumping effect? Choose light and bright lipsticks, perfect for making your lips appear bigger and fuller. On the contrary, do you have very pronounced lips and would you prefer thinner lips? Dark shades of lipstick with a matte finish tend to get smaller.

Choose lipstick based on hair and eye color

If you think it’s over here, you’re wrong. It remains to harmonize the color of the lipstick to the hair and eyes.

Cold-based hair, like dark brown and ash, black but also very light blonde and platinum invite you to choose blue-toned lipsticks, ranging from light pink candy to peony pink, from powder pink to bright fuchsia. But also ruby red, wine red and violet..

Warm-based hair, like golden blondes, coppery browns and all shades of brown, recall more sunny shades of lipstick, such as coral, orange, bright red.

Red hair? Perfect with plum lipstick and chocolate brown!

  • • For brown or hazel eyes, the lipsticks to match are all those with a red base.
  • Green eyes are combined with all the shades of color that come to your mind.
  • · For gray, cerulean, blue but also black and blue eyes, cold-toned lipsticks are perfect, ranging from pink to blue.

Finally, the golden rule to wear lipstick flawlessly: focus on the base first! Before applying any shade of lip make-up, it is necessary to uniform the skin color with a concealer or foundation. In other words, you can’t wear a nice dress with holey stockings!
Endless possibilities to bring out the best in your lip make-up. Choose the lipstick that’s right for you among the different Mia Cosmetics proposals: perfect lipsticks for every woman!

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