Tired of applying the usual eye shadows that don’t enhance your blue eyes? Keep reading this article to find out what colors to apply in every occasion to enhance your eyes.

What colors apply to enhance blue eyes

Blue eyes are envied and loved by many, and such a wonderful color deserves to be enhanced in the right way. That’s why it’s important to choose the right color combinations to make your eyes shine on any occasion.

The shades that best suit blue eyes are shades of orange and yellow ( if we follow the color wheel and complementary colors), but trendy rose gold, copper and shades of pink. Always prefer the black pencil to the brown one, which will help bring out the bright iris by defining it in the best way and bringing the right contrast that will make the color of the iris stand out even more. Stick to this criteria even when you want to make a smokey eye: a classic black smokey eye will make your eye shine giving you a sosfisticated and glamorous look.

If you want to get away from the more classic colors, you can opt for a touch of intense color like teal green or blue. Always stay on the darker shades of the blue and green range: a shade that is too light will not bring out the color of the iris, which may take a back seat to the makeup done.

Never forget to adjust your makeup to your eye shape and complexion for an even more harmonious and pleasing effect.

Blue eye makeup for daytime: makeup ideas and products to use

During the day you can choose to apply a line of extra black eyelinerto define your eyes, or you can create a light shade with a warm shade in the outer v of the eye and a bright pink eye shadow on the mobile eyelid.

If you love pinkish tones, you can create a light smokey eye with mauve colors and a burgundy pencil instead of a black pencil: apply lots of mascara and you’re done! TheHot Smokey palette is perfect for this purpose and contains all the eye shadows you need to create the perfect makeup to enhance your blue eyes.

Blue eye makeup for evening: makeup ideas and products to use

For the evening you can indulge in more intense and charged makeup, so that they are visible even from meters away! In addition to the classic black smokey eye, perhaps embellished with a metalized eye shadow of the same color on the mobile eyelid, you can opt for a dark gray version: just blend your black pencil with a medium gray eye shadow and apply a lighter gray eye shadow in the crease. You can leave it matte or apply a shimmer of the same tone, depending on your taste.

You can make a halo eye in mauve colors with the Mauve Palette, combining it with a thin line of eyeliner and a pair of false eyelashes of the size that best suits your eye.


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