There’s more to perfect, enhanced and defined lips than just sloppy lipstick application. Let’s find out all the steps to perfect, defined lips and which products to apply to get the desired result.

How to get perfect lips: the importance of the right skincare

Just as we take care of our skincare to get the most out of our  make-up application, it’s important to do the right preparation for your lips to ensure a perfect lipstick application. The key steps to lip care are:

  • Esfoliation,  using a scrub to remove all film and smooth the surface of the lips
  • Hydration, to nourish and moisturise lips, preventing the formation of new flakes and allowing successful application of products.

Let’s see the steps in detail.

How to choose the perfect scrub for our lips

The secret to defined, enhanced lips lies in the right preparation, starting with peel removal and daily exfoliation.

Be sure to choose your scrub carefully and never forget this step: say goodbye to toothbrushing, which is always too invasive and risks damaging your lips, and goodbye to facial scrubs, which often have oversized granules and are not suitable for lips, as they contain substances that should in no way be ingested.

Prefer a sugar-based formulas that contain moisturising components to exfoliate your lips and not leave them dry and dehydrated. Always remember to apply and reapply a moisturising lip product, whether it’s chapstick, balm or a lip mask.

Champstick, lip balm or lip mask: the right lip moisturiser for every occasion

Moisturising lips is the key to a lipstick’s longevity: moisturised, smooth lips make it easy to apply and last longer throughout the day.

Even when we’re not wearing lipstick, for the health of our lips, we should always have a moisturiser in our bags. There are many on the market, in different sizes and with different functions, so let’s focus on the most common – chapstick, lip balm and lip mask.

Chapstick is a product that’s meant to nourish and moisturise lips. We can find it in both sticks and jars and it should never be missing from our bags! It can be reapplied throughout the day without the fear of it being too sticky and uncomfortable for your lips.

Lip balm, on the other hand, is a concentrate of butters and oils that has a strong repairing function. Like chapstick, it nourishes and moisturises but its restorative properties make it great for treating dry lips. It often contains SPF when you want to use it in your daily application.

A lip mask is best applied on special occasions or as a beauty pamper. It gives a boost of nourishment and hydration in no time and can be found in a disposable hydrogel format – like a tissue mask – or in a jar that can be applied overnight and left on for even more effective results.

You can choose any of these products depending on your needs and the condition of your lips. Caution: Blot up excess product before applying makeup.

How to get perfect lips: makeup that enhance them

Now that your lips are moisturized and smooth, you can move on to makeup. What are the correct steps to apply lipstick the right way?

The revolution of lip pencil: why is important using them

The lip pencil is one of those makeup products that are often considered superfluous without realizing that they are essential. The lip pencil allows us to define the contours of our mouths in the correct way, correcting any asymmetries that we could never fix with lipstick.

Applying lip pencil also allows you to increase the staying power of your lipstick.

Lip pencil: how to choose and use it in the right way

It must be chosen in a color as similar as possible to that of the lipstick used, to create a homogeneous and harmonious result. You can use it in a slightly darker shade, taking care not to overdo it and to blend it in the right way: the 90’s effect is just around the corner.

You have to apply it in 3 places to be able to draw a perfect contour: in the center of the lower lip, drawing a horizontal line and following the lower contour and on the cupid’s bow. This way you will be able to contour your mouth in the correct way, highlighting the right volumes.

A little trick: if you want to give your lips more volume and make them look bigger, just go slightly out of line with your lips and then apply a slightly lighter shade in the center with a touch of gloss. This technique lends itself to use with nude shades.

Lipstick: how to apply it in the right way

Now you can move on to applying lipstick, chosen in the right texture and finish for your lips and look. Start in the center of your lips and work your way towards the edges, taking care not to undo all your efforts for a perfect contour. To avoid smudging and color fading, apply with a suitable brush and dab on color with the stick afterwards.

If you’re using a liquid lipstick, make sure you never take too much product and spread it evenly over your lips. Again, get help from an external brush if your lipstick applicator is too big and impractical.

If you’ve followed all of these steps, your lips are now perfectly made up and enhanced!


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