An extremely versatile product that gives your face a healthy, tanned complexion, correcting dyschromia and evening out the complexion. A protagonist of every make-up collection, also used in the contouring technique to sculpt the features of the face, highlighting the merits and hiding the defects. Today we are talking about bronzer, more commonly known as tanning powder.

Mat or Shimmer? Powder or liquid? Find out how to choose and apply the most suitable bronzer for you!

There are different types of this product, to be chosen according to different needs and skin types. Here are some useful tips to move in the varied world of make-up powder.

Lands Mat or Shimmer? Here’s how the finish changes

Let’s start by dividing the earths into two major groups that correspond to the product formulation.

Bronzer matte: the most used earths, with a matte finish, good coverage and a more intense tan effect than shimmer. This type of earth is particularly suitable for warming up the complexion and for the contouring technique, creating corrective chiaroscuros. Mat earths are suitable for all skin types and blend easily;

Bronzer shimmer: shimmering bronzers, containing tiny glitter, with a transparent and pearly finish, which gives a golden glow, useful for enhancing the complexion. More striking than the opaque lands, they are recommended for those who already have tanned skin.

Types of bronzers and colors: to every skin its own bronzer

Liquid Earth: the purpose of this product is to create a “second skin” on the face, a glossy effect look. This type of earth is easy to apply, even directly with your fingers, and gives a slightly tanned look. Recommended for those with dry skin.

Powdered earth: opaque or slightly satin, it is the most suitable to give the skin a natural glow. Before applying it with a large brush, remove the excess by shaking it.

Powder is compacted into small spheres. The brush skims over them, picking up the right amount of product, which in this case is never excessive. Recommended for fair skins because it allows you to modulate the intensity.

Compact Earth: the classic version of the product, with a grainy texture, often available in “chess” mode, with different shades in a single package.

After choosing the most suitable finish for our skin, let’s move on to choosing the colors of the bronzing earth. The general rule dictates that we should use an earth that is one shade darker than our complexion. If our basic complexion is light, we will go for a flesh-colored, caramel or latte-colored earth; if we are dark, we should opt for an earth tending to bronze, hazelnut or brown. Orange tones should be avoided, as they give the sensation of an artificial complexion.

How to apply bronzing earth

Once the product has been selected, we move on to application. Let’s see it together, step by step.

1) Fundamental rule:the earth should not be applied all over the face. Spreading the bronzer everywhere will end up flattening the features and give the viewer the impression of a mask of color, which has nothing to do with naturalness.

To warm up the complexion in the right way we must apply the earth only in the areas of the face normally darkened by the sun: forehead, nose, cheeks, cheekbones and chin. In this way we will be sure to recreate that natural tan effect we get when we expose ourselves to the sun’s rays.

2) Starting from the forehead, with circular movements, apply the earth and blend well with alarge brush with soft bristles.

Using the matte earth for this operation, we are already creating a sort of countouring, or a “shadow” effect on the bony parts of the face, which will thus appear more sculpted, a technique extremely recommended for those with a round face. In the case of an angular and elongated face, however, we should use very little bronzer, especially on the cheekbones.

After creating the base with the matte earth, it is possible to add a pinch of bright earth, shimmer version, on cheeks and cheekbones, but avoiding the T-zone to avoid giving the impression of a shiny skin.

3) To avoid creating smudges or uneven distribution of the product, it’s best not to apply too much, but to make light passes, adding a little at a time, until the desired effect is achieved.

Never apply dirt too close to the lips to avoid a hollowed-out look.

4) How not to create the detachment with the rest of the body? Apply bronzing earth also on the neck, but first remember to moisturize it, creating a base of application on this area too.

On the nose should be applied just a veil of earth, without ever exaggerating!

And now that the earth has no more secrets for you, take advantage of Mia Cosmetics promotions on bronzers and buy the product to give your skin a tanned complexion all year round!

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