Daring colours in the evening and delicate during the day: in summer, lips are dressed in warm colours and creamy textures, but ready to withstand the hours spent in cheerfulness.

Colour, colour and more colour! The beautiful season is celebrated by wearing bright shades of color in both outfits and make up. The makeup of the season recalls the warm shades of the sun-kissed earth and the pastel colors of nature in bloom.

When the mercury column rises, the makeup becomes more sensual and intense. Lipsticks, lip colours and lip gloss are the main elements to combine the desire for romance with the desire for seduction! And the trendy shades for this spring-summer 2019 suggest dressing lips in feminine and sensual colours.

Let’s discover together the best lipsticks, lip glosses and lip colours for your summer make-up!

From soft pink to deep red: the colours of summer lip colours

The main colour of summer lip make-up is pink, in all its shades. It goes from the most delicate shades, such as antique pink, for beautiful sunny days to the brighter shades of shocking pink for fun summer evenings. Also very popular is the bubblegum pink with its cold undertone, which adapts well to a lighter complexion.

Whether winter or summer, red is never lacking. Mad and dull in the cold season, it now becomes saturated and bright. With a geranium red or poppy red the attention will be all focused on the lips. If you prefer to strike discreetly, instead, we advise you to wear the colour of the year, coral, which is simpler and easier to match, less aggressive and suitable for everyday make-up.

Between the two fighters the third one enjoys: if you really can’t choose between pink and red, you don’t have to choose. The alternative is to colour your lips with a warm fuchsia shade, with a hint of red! In the case of very strong colours, it’s better to prefer no transfer and long-lasting lip colours, for a makeup that doesn’t drool all day long.

Shimmering Lipsticks: Your mouth is dressed in glitter

The watchword for a summer look is “dare”. Lips also deserve more space in everyday make-up. To impress, there’s no choice but to go for a glittering makeup look. Metallic and glittery lipsticks are the “must have” of the season. Gold and silver embellish any shade with a sparkling touch.

In particular, the purple lipstick in the glitter version, which has always been considered typically wintery, repositions itself and conquers even the summer season. A thousand possible shades: from lilac to cyclamen, up to deep purple. If you choose to wear a glitter lipstick, however, remember to balance the makeup with a light eye make-up: let the lips be exaggerated!

Natural makeup? Nude lips tints and lip gloss

Very fashionable, loved by everyone, indispensable in the make up collection of every woman: we are talking about naked lip colors! Perfect for those who love to have their lips always in place with a fresh and natural look, they really fit everyone, unconditionally. The secret? Choose the right shade, finish and undertone that best enhances the complexion.

Contrary to what was previously suggested, when lips are dressed in soft colours, you can put your hand on your eyes: nude lipsticks are perfectly suited to a stronger make up such as smokey eyes. A natural lip make-up is ideal to apply on the fly on any occasion, especially on summer mornings when it is preferable to present yourself to the world in a more delicate dress.

If you love the natural look even in the evening, a drizzle of lip gloss and you’re done! The gloss, transparent or in the softest shades, will give your lips a glossy finish and a healthy, plumped-up look. A winning choice for those who love the volume effect!

The summer trend you don’t expect: matte colours and lipsticks

Are you thinking of abandoning your matte lipsticks on the bench and prefer them in view of the warm colors with lighter and creamy textures? No way! Yes, to gloss by day, but welcome back mat lipstick by night! On summer nights the rules are broken and even matte lip colorstake the role of protagonists!

As it has a more opaque and less creamy texture, mat lip makeup is more easily resistant to high temperatures and resists, impeccable and without smudging even after a wild night out at the disco or a drink with friends.

Summing up: for summer days, colour your lips pink or coral, with creamy and glossy textures, in the evening you prefer more aggressive shades, such as red and purple, in the sparkling versions or on the contrary, opaque and long-lasting.

By choosing a Mia Cosmetics lip make-up product, a carefree summer is guaranteed: quality and long lasting for an irresistible look!

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