The secret of a perfect make up for the Christmas holidays? Mia Cosmetics reveals it to you: find out how to create the best makeup for Christmas and New Year!

Ready gifts under the tree, well-laid table with all things in place, decorated house ready to welcome all our guests. The dress is waiting for us to be worn, shoes perfectly matched. What is missing? The trick, of course!

During the Christmas holidays, you can allow yourself a little more time, you can spend a few more minutes in front of the mirror, and thus create a sophisticated and refined look. And if red lipstick is a must have for the Christmas holidays, there are also many other tricks.

There are those who prefer to focus on the lips and those who prefer more obvious eye makeup, but it is possible to draw up guidelines for all tastes.

On New Year’s Eve you can avoid red lipstick and choose a nude that is accompanied by a more intense eye make-up, characterized by a thick and marked line of eyeliner.

So here is a mini guide to make the best make up for the holidays to show off both during the Christmas party and on New Year’s Eve.

Christmas Make Up: black eyes and red lips

Classic, but fascinating. This is how we present ourselves in the most important festival of the year. Focus on the lips, choosing a beautiful shade of red, with a bright and lively shade, such as lacquer red, purple or ruby.

The showy lips can be combined with a simpler eye makeup, naked if you don’t like colored eye shadows, but without forgetting the black eyeliner. Pay attention to the final tail: it must be perfect! Blend the golden highlighter inside the eye and, for an even more intense look, apply the false eyelashes

Christmas Smokey Eyes: Game Of Lights And Shadows

Smokey eyes never go out of style, not even at Christmas. To create an elegant eye make-up that focuses entirely on the eyes, the advice is to blend the eyeshadow well on the eyelid.

Which colors to bet on? This make up can be created in a wide range of color shades: the most classic is black, but alternatively you can use gray, anthracite, brown, green or burgundy. The important thing is that it is a dark color that gives intensity to the look.

Dark and bright lipstick, for lips that do not go unnoticed

Dark lipstick is one of the must-haves for the Christmas holidays. The most used shades range from dark red to purple, passing through burgundy and intense mauve shades. To avoid the matte colors: for the holidays the lips must shine and immediately catch the attention, covered with a gloss or with glittery glitter.

Colorful make-up for New Year: the one who dares wins

Make up shows your personality. We can therefore decide to stay on the classic Christmas shades of bronze and gold, however reviving them with a touch of color. A purple eyeliner will be perfect! Not only that: colors such as green, pink or purple can be shaded with neutral shades and can be combined with the colors of the dress worn or with those of an accessory that enhances the look.

New Year Make Up: Glitter On The Eyelids For A Wow Effect

During New Year’s Eve, the password is only one: shine. Parties are the best occasion to proudly show off metallic and glitter eyeshadows. The time has come to dare and give yourself a nice super bright make up!

How to make up clear eyes for the holidays

A natural make-up is perfect for any occasion and is the most suitable for those with blue or light eyes in general. In this case, if necessary, the base of the base will be created and a uniform incarnation will be created with imperfections. How to do? Using the technique of contouring for the face, applying a lipstick in the natural tone, keeping the light on the eye makeup and adding a dose of mascara and highlighter.

How to make up dark eyes for the holidays

Those with dark eyes can range on every shade, without fear of obtaining a result that is too forced or in contrast with their own eye or hair color. You can opt for natural tones, warm colors or cold colors. In this case you can dare with very intense shades, which give depth to the look, trying to match the eye make-up to the color of the chosen dress.

Mia Cosmetics has everything you need to become the star of the Christmas holidays. A collection designed specifically for Christmas and New Year, with all the trendy color shades and many many bright colors. Because the secret of a perfect party make-up is always the same: shine, shine and shine!

Play with the products, mix and match the colors, decide the look to show off in the parties that await you at Christmas and New Year’s Eve or in the weddings to spend at home with the whole family. You will be as flawless as a star, and just as shiny!

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