You will surely be asked for the tool of therejuvenation of the look e come and rejuvenate the face without the use of the scalpel but applying the right makeup techniques.

MIA Makeup artists have created this quick tutorial on different techniques of eye makeup to avoid weighing down the face with a makeup suitable for a skin that is no longer young. Let’s face this age-old problem step by step.

Rejuvenation of the gaze begins with the define eyebrows , basic step for look up and make it in harmony with the rest of the face. With the help of one eyebrow pencil or an indelible marker (which we suggest to use only when the right dexterity is found and theshape of the eyebrowsmore appropriate for your face) all the holes must be filled first and then the ciliary arch outlined. To correct the drooping eyelid the side of the nose must be taken as a reference and virtual lines must be drawn to define the beginning of the eyebrow (nose, inner corner of the eye), the peak of the eyebrow (nose, center of the pupil), the end of the eyebrow (nose, outside of the ‘eye).

How to rejuvenate your eyes with makeup?

The eyebrow makeup it must be in line with the tone of your skin and above all with the coloring of your hair in general, avoiding black, it is not easy to use for retouching the eyebrows, even if you have raven black hair. Use this scheme by letting a specialist suggest the perfect shade for you:

  • – Dark brown colors tending to chocolate for dark hair and dark or very tanned skin
  • – Not-dark brown colors for brown hair and light or medium dark skin
  • – Caramel color for blonde hair and fair skin


In front of the mirror, as the days go by you noticed that the eyelid begins to drop, losing tone and a bit of elasticity by changing your look. The scalpel-free rejuvenation definitely passes through this little trick that we are about to reveal in order to camouflage the palpebra calante.

We first need to smooth the mobile eyelid by compacting it with the drafting of a eye primer also to prevent the eye shadow from accumulating in the folds. Once the primer is dry, apply eyeshadow, choosing a darker shade, the outer eye corner and blend it towards the end of the eyebrow using a soft bristle brush. Another tip for an effect lifting eyes is to apply an illuminating eye under the ciliary arch.

How eye shadows fade ?

Indispensable, to obtain a perfect result off face rejuvenation and professional makeup, is the use of a makeup brush for soft bristle shades. Always apply light shades first, starting from a nude color (corrector type) that uniforms and lightens the eyebrows. At this point, apply, from the corner of the eye, a darker eyeshadow with gentle movements using a brush with narrow bristles if you want to outline and with broad bristles if you want to blend more. You just have to apply the primary color of the eye makeup starting from the middle of the mobile eyelid and ending in the inner corner of the eye.

Apply the eyeliner

The eyeliner has the function of emphasizing the look by darkening the upper and lower lines of the lashes giving the sensation of having thicker and fuller lashes. The advice we would like to give you is to use a soft eyeliner avoiding too sharp and marked lines that would not be defined due to the skin not really tight.

The last but not least secret is the use of a smoothing treatment for wrinkles and bags , such as YOUTH of MIA Cosmetics , which in just 3 minutes guarantees a perfect result.

We can all learn these simple eye rejuvenation techniques and the face in general. Remember that the beauticians of MIA Makeup are waiting for you in all our stores to give you all the right advice for free for amazing results. Find the Stores MIA Cosmetics nearest.

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