If you have a good skill with make-up and want to save money on some wedding items, there’s nothing stopping us from doing our own make-up for our big day. Just choose the right products and techniques to make our make-up last throughout the day.

Bridal makeup: what not to do and what not to do

Before you start planning your bridal makeup, there are a few rules to follow to prevent it from turning into a complete disaster:

  • Stay true to yourself– don’t try to overdo it, follow your style, your physical features, without overdoing it. This is the only way to do justice to your face on your big day.
  • Don’t improvise– do multiple tests of the makeup you’re going to do. As much as you know your face, the anxiety of the big day could play tricks on you if you’re not prepared properly
  • Choose the right products – don’t overlook any aspect of your make-up and adapt each product to your skin type, without forgetting that your make-up should last all day long.

Bridal makeup: the importance of the right skincare routine

For perfect bridal makeup, it’s important to pay even more attention to your skincare routine, to start with a great base and not have to resort to unnecessary corrections. Don’t cut yourself short at the last minute but start at least six months before the date to carry out a proper routine, whether your skin is dry, combination or oily.

Here are some steps not to forget for the big day:

  • two days before you have to exfoliate your skin,following the method best suited to your skin type and the season in which you are;
  • the night before the wedding apply your favorite moisturizing mask and eye patches to give a new light to the eye area
  • don’t forget to prepare your lips properly, there must be no flakes underneath your lipstick!

The importance of the right primers for bridal makeup

The first step to ensuring your makeup lasts throughout the big day is to apply a primer suitable for your skin type. If you have combination/oily skin with obvious pores, you can opt for a mattifying or blurring primer to reduce the size of the pores and optically refine the texture of your skin while if you have dry skin, you can choose a illuminating primer, which hydrates your skin even better and leaves it glowing and even. In both cases, you can use a filler and smoothing primer to make the skin even and relaxed.

In case of obvious discolorations on the face, you can apply a colored primer depending on the blemish you want to correct: green in case of acne and persistent redness, purple for yellow and dull skin and peach to brighten dull complexions and turning to gray.

The primer should not be applied only on the face: do not forget to use an eye primer, to prolong the duration of eye shadows and make the colors adhere better to the eyelid. To help reduce frown lines, you can use a filler primer for the eye area and finally, to make your lipstick last longer too, apply a lip primer specifically for lips.

Bridal makeup: choose the right foundation for your skin type (and set it properly)

The choice of foundation is very important, and determines the success of a good make-up. Be sure to choose it in the right color-it should blend with your complexion without creating a disconnect between your neck and face-and the right formula that respects your skin type and style.

If you have drier skin, look for a more moisturizing formula while in case of combination and oily skin you can opt for more matte and long-lasting foundations.

Depending on the coverage you want, you can also use different application methods. It’s important to apply foundation to all exposed areas, whether it’s your ears if you have severe discoloration and have opted for a crop or the neckline if your dress is low-cut.

After applying your concealer, don’t forget to fix your base with powder: a minimal amount is enough to fix your make-up and prevent it from migrating on your face throughout the day. Even if you have dry skin, powder is an important step: prefer a baked powder, more moisturizing than a normal pressed powder, or a free powder, lighter and more modular.

Bridal makeup: how to choose the right blush, bronzer and highlighter

To complete the face base there are three more steps: blush, bronzer and highlighter. For a natural effect, it is always better to choose a bronzer with a cool undertone, which goes to sculpt the volumes of the face without being artificial. You can apply a brighter bronzer on top to warm up your complexion, without overdoing it!

Depending on the undertone and makeup, we will go for the right blush: cooler or warmer depending on the makeupe undertone, matte or slightly shimmer depending on our preferences. Be careful with bright blushes, that they don’t have glitter in them but a delicate pearl.

For a natural lighting effect, opt for bright products that will replace the illuminant, which often tends to catch the eye in photos and doesn’t make the makeup stand out. If you just can’t pass up the illuminant step, apply a liquid or stick formula and dab a small amount onto the tip of your cheekbone carefully. This way you’ll give a naturally dewy finish to your face, without risking bringing the attention of photographic lights only on your overly bright spots!

Bridal makeup: make-up looks for the eyes to inspire you

Now it’s time to think about eye make-up! You can choose your make-up according to your personality and needs: if you are used to smokey-eye and particularly loaded eye looks, you can make a softer version; if instead you are not used to wearing a lot of make-up on the eyes, you can opt for a bright eye shadow on the eyelid, a nude eye shadow in the crease and a pencil slightly shaded towards the outside.

How to choose the right shades? Enhance your eyes and complexion colors.

Bridal makeup for blue eyes

Do you have blue eyes and want to enhance them with the right makeup for your big day? You can follow the wheel of complementary colors and apply warm colors such as burnt orange, peach or bronze but always balanced in a makeup that respects your personality and the theme of the day. The perfect palette for this purpose is the Rust Palette, composed of nine eyeshadows from warm and wearable shades, perfect to suit even the most formal occasions.


If, on the other hand, you love cooler tones, blue eyes can stand out if framed by pinkish tones, outlined with a pencil or black eyeliner to further define your eye, without weighing it down.

Bridal makeup for green eyes

Green eyes shine when paired with cool, elegant shades like mauves, which give a sophisticated look that’s well suited to your wedding day. You can recreate endless combinations of eye makeup for green eyes with the Mauve Palette, a palette of cool tones that include pinkish, mauve and even burgundy shades, for brides who aren’t afraid to be daring.

The warm tones that best suit green eyes, on the other hand, can be found in hazel browns and shades of gold, perfect for all those brides who wish to keep to nude tones without giving up on enhancing their colors. You may also prefer a deep brown pencil instead of a black pencil, to give depth to the look without overpowering it.

Bridal makeup for brown and black eyes

It seems harder to make dark eyes stand out when you’re trying to achieve a bright, ethereal effect, but that’s not the case at all! Dark eyes can be accompanied by cool, elegant shades such as mauves and more intense rosés, but also by warm tones and shades of brown.


Be careful not to apply colors that are either too dark or too light, so they don’t get lost on the eye, and carefully outline the lash line with pencil or black eyeliner. If you are undecided about whether to apply a cooler or warmer color on your mobile eyelid, pay attention to whether your eyes have cooler or warmer streaks: in the first case you can opt for a light, pinkish pearlescent eye shadow or a cool light gold shade, in the second case a champagne eye shadow is perfect.

Bridal makeup: do not forget the false eyelashes!

It’s not enough to apply mascara to perfection when creating makeup for an important day, false lashes are essential. There are several models on the market perfect for all eye types and needs:

  • if you do not like false eyelashes or you are not used to wearing them, it is better to opt for single false eyelashes or tails that will be more delicate, visible but not annoying to your unobservant eye.
  • if you want to optically lengthen your eye, opt for lashes that have a more pronounced end and a shorter beginning. A lifting effect is also assured!
  • if you don’t have many lashes and you wish to have more volume, opt for a pair of volumizing false eyelashes, which thanks to their texture will recreate the natural effect of the hair and will give you a more intense look

Bridal makeup: the perfect lipsticks for your big day

Now that you’ve prepped your skin, chosen your base products, and chosen your eye makeup, it’s time to decide which lipstick to apply for your big day. Choose it according to your complexion and match it with your eye makeup and personal taste.


If you have a diaphanous or very pale complexion, and your eye makeup is characterized by cool tones, you can opt for Retenu (23) or Reserve (24), while combined with warmer tones, Nue (02) and Libre(04) are perfect.

If you have a medium complexion, you can choose from more rosy tones like Insodable (07) and Cryptique (09), or nudes with warm undertones like Secret(05) and Visionnaire (01). For darker complexionsCharmant(21), Mervilleux (19) and Tetue (12) are allies not to be underestimated.

If you love to be daring and prefer a bright lipstick for your big day, you can wear the beautiful fuchsia Fantastique (29) or a neutral red like Fervent (16).

Whatever the case, define your lips with a lip pencil of the same color (or a slightly darker color for a more three-dimensional, volumizing effect), which will help extend the life of your lipstick.


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