lips make up


After a long wait, summer has finally arrived: the products to be used for daily cosmetics and make-up are changing. Lightness and freshness are the watchwords, even when it comes to make-up. And who said that when the mercury rises, you have to give up make-up?

Women increasingly choose to go down to the beach with a trickle of make-up, to feel tidy all the time, even when they have to face a fun and relaxing day at the beach. Water and makeup don’t get along? Prejudices! Mia Cosmetics is ready to advise you on the right and waterproof cosmetic products to make light, natural and fresh makeup suitable for the beach!

Daring colours in the evening and delicate during the day: in summer, lips are dressed in warm colours and creamy textures, but ready to withstand the hours spent in cheerfulness.

Colour, colour and more colour! The beautiful season is celebrated by wearing bright shades of color in both outfits and make up. The makeup of the season recalls the warm shades of the sun-kissed earth and the pastel colors of nature in bloom.

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