How to apply the foundation without giving the impression of having a double layer of skin? Here are practical tips for an extremely natural makeup base!

It all starts here, from the preparation of the foundation. To create a perfect make-up you need to choose the right product and apply it correctly. Why? Well, a badly applied foundation can ruin all the makeup and does not help us hide the imperfections, but highlights them.

The secret of a perfect make up for the Christmas holidays? Mia Cosmetics reveals it to you: find out how to create the best makeup for Christmas and New Year!

Ready gifts under the tree, well-laid table with all things in place, decorated house ready to welcome all our guests. The dress is waiting for us to be worn, shoes perfectly matched. What is missing? The trick, of course!

During the Christmas holidays, you can allow yourself a little more time, you can spend a few more minutes in front of the mirror, and thus create a sophisticated and refined look. And if red lipstick is a must have for the Christmas holidays, there are also many other tricks.

There are those who prefer to focus on the lips and those who prefer more obvious eye makeup, but it is possible to draw up guidelines for all tastes.

On New Year’s Eve you can avoid red lipstick and choose a nude that is accompanied by a more intense eye make-up, characterized by a thick and marked line of eyeliner.

A touch of light, a valid ally to bring out facial features, improving them in many cases. The highlighter is a unique product, which has known an enormous diffusion in recent years, chosen to obtain a radiant appearance and a fresh and luminous skin. From an exceptional cosmetic, used only on special occasions, to an unmissable product in the daily make-up routine.

Tendentially many cosmetics, such as foundation and powder, often contain a small amount of illuminant mixed with other ingredients. Today, however, we want to talk about the pure illuminant, powder, cream, stick or concentrated shining liquid to be used during makeup to give immediate light to the face and also to the body.

Daring colours in the evening and delicate during the day: in summer, lips are dressed in warm colours and creamy textures, but ready to withstand the hours spent in cheerfulness.

Colour, colour and more colour! The beautiful season is celebrated by wearing bright shades of color in both outfits and make up. The makeup of the season recalls the warm shades of the sun-kissed earth and the pastel colors of nature in bloom.

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