This product was born as a moisturizing cream with a very light texture with the addition of a small pigmented part. The BB cream evens out the complexion, but in a very natural way: it is, in fact, the evolved version of the colored cream and is proposed as an alternative to foundation in the beauty routine. The B B’s should be spread, taking care to blend the product well starting from the hairline, without neglecting the neck, as you would do with a foundation avoiding streaks or stains of color, with a cat’s tongue brush or a blender. BB cream can’t not be inside your beauty bag, just read the various BB cream reviews on various blogs and comments from beauty bloggers and makeup artists.

In a climate of global economic uncertainty caused by Covid-19, MIA Makeup continues to open its horizons and conquer new markets with the opening of new makeup shops in Italy and opening new important foreign markets. The pandemic has certainly slowed down the expansion project, which has been running again for some weeks now.

MIA Makeup Apollo Caserta

In July a new shop of over 70 square metres was opened, all dedicated to the MIA Makeup at the Apollo Shopping Centre, a few kilometres from Caserta, with a revisited layout, enriched with unique make-up areas and a staff highly trained to offer you the best makeup service you desire. Large and bright makeup stations are at your disposal for every kind of makeup you need: bridal makeup, event makeup, daily makeup and corrective makeup.

Beige or colored? Here’s how to choose the concealer based on the imperfections of the face that we want to hide, minimize and completely cover!

If used in the right way, the concealer really becomes a faithful ally for beauty. A component of the beauty routine that cannot be renounced. There are different types of concealers, which differ according to the consistency (they can be compact, cream or fluid), according to the color (green, orange, lilac, etc.). Knowing how to orient yourself in the best choice of concealer is not easy, so here is a quick guide to take advantage of all the infinite possibilities of this product.

What do this season’s makeup trends hold for us? Warm colors for the face and a whimsical touch of glitter and fluorescent: discover all the fall-winter 2019/2020 makeup trends!.

Here we are, we can finally say it: winter is coming and it’s time to adapt to the new trends in make up. What are the makeup trends for this fall-winter 2019/2020? Nude, red lipstick and warm-toned eyeshadows. In the cold season, effective make-up dominates, which remains natural without looking artificial.

Find out how to get the perfect makeup, using the beauty blender: here are the secrets of the makeup sponge to spread the make-up base!

The classic make-up sponge has become a beauty blender. The well-known triangular latex sponges seem to belong to the Paleolithic: welcome silicone sponges, a must have of the make-up collections of all the women in the world..

Beauty addicts know all the secrets, but the “layman of the beauty blender” do not use it to its fullest potential, Let’s find out togetherhow to navigate the world of make-up sponges, which to choose and above all how to use it to make up with a simply perfect result.

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