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Every personality has its own eye palette, every color season has its own circle of friendly colors and every look has an ideal set of eyeshadows.

The Mia Makeup eye palette collection is enriched with 3 new references to expand the range of those already in the range and embrace every makeup need, from evening looks with the most intense, vibrant and bright colors, to the soft and opaque daytime ones.

To each his own GLAM Eyeshadow palette!

Eyeshadow palette, pencils, eyeliner, ultra tech mascara, all the right products to enhance the look

Correct eye make-up is every woman’s desire, to open her eyes, to enhance her features, her tones, from natural make-up to smokey eyes. A perfect eye makeup highlights the depth of the look, the intensity of the eye colour and the natural beauty of the face. If you want to make impeccable eye make-up you don’t have to miss out on these little secrets and the right products, even if you don’t have any experience, you will make an enviable eye make-up.

The eye primer is the secret to make up your eyes perfectly. Find out how to use this make up product to get the best result!

Eye makeupis a fundamental component of perfect makeup. The look is one of the first weapons of seduction, a way to convey one’s femininity and convey emotions to those who are looking at us. Today we will learn how to make up the eyes starting from the base, going to discover the secrets of a product used for the eye area, a product capable of making the final effect of the makeup more lasting and perfect. We are talking about the eye primer, a cosmetic capable of transforming the look giving it greater brightness and greater charm.

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